Maximizing Gas Turbine Performance

Siemens in Finspång, one of MathCore's customers, had a problem at the end of 2002. One of their turbines tended to increase its rotation speed too much at load cut-off. To solve this problem, the control system integrated with the gas turbine needed improvement. Therefore, they decided to develop a model of the gas turbine in Modelica. Since they felt that they did not have enough competence in the modeling of dynamics and transients to build a good model, they asked MathCore for help with developing the model. The result was a model of a complete gas turbine system, including the turbine, fuel system, transmission system, and control units.

Since 2002, other gas turbines from Siemens in Finspång have been modelled and successfully used in several studies. Today, dynamic simulation are used daily at Siemens to increase the understanding of gas turbine behaviour in various conditions.


This project was presented at the Modelica Conference 2003 in Linköping, Sweden. The paper can be downloaded from the Modelica site.

An article in Spanish is also available at Forúm Tecnólogico. To article is available online here.